2wd Campervan Hire Darwin – What You Need To Know

2wd campervan hire darwinNot everyone who visits the “Top End” is going to want to hire a 4wd camper. So this section is for those who want to go with 2wd campervan hire Darwin.

2wd Campervan Hire Darwin

The primary reasons for wanting 2wd campervan hire Darwin are generally budget and time, but the each persons reason will be as different as the person themselves. As you may have learned by reading other sections of this site like “why hire a 4wd camper“, 4wd camper hire will allow you to go plenty more places and have plenty more adventures. Of course, the down side of 4wd camper hire is that it costs more per day for the vehicle, so not everyone is interested in it. The most popular places around Darwin and the Northern Territory are money spinners for their owners and the government so there are sealed roads going to them. For this reason 2wd campervan hire Darwin is acceptable if you just want to go to the most popular tourist attractions.

Off road adventures will also tend to take up more time as you will inevitably have to drive slower. Highway driving in you 2wd campervan hire Darwin will speed you along at 110km/hr, whilst some 4wd tracks will have you going 20km/hr (but damn they’re fun). So, at the end of the day, if you are short either time or money, 2wd campervan rental might just be the best way for you to go.

The 2wd Campervan Market in Darwin

In this section you can find information about some of the types of 2wd campervans that are available for hire in Darwin as well as some of the best companies to hire them from. The 2wd campervan hire market is a lot more competitive as it has more players. This is one of the factors that help keep the price down. During off-season you can get campervan hire companies quoting vehicles as low as $25 per day – of course once you dig deeper you’ll probably find the insurance add-ons and other options bring that up to around $50pd. During high season there is nowhere you will 2wd campervan hire being that cheap.

There are plenty of 2wd campervan hire Darwin options to choose from. In fact there are about 16 companies to hire a 2wd campervan from, some more reputable than others. Some companies operate in the luxury space like Maui, the top end Britz motorhomes and Around Australia Motorhomes. Others operate for the youth market and care nothing for creature comforts and are only interested in low price like Wicked Campers.

2wd campervan hire darwin

Retailers and Resellers

There are some companies that are actually resellers of other campervan hire company vehicles. They get given a wholesale rental price from a supplier like Cheapa Campa and then on-rent the campervan under a different web page name. Real Value campervan hire are just one example of this. Most of the time you can expect your campervan hire Darwin with Real Value to be a Cheapa Campa vehicle. Some times the price you pay to these resellers is less than what you would pay the supplying company themselves. That is because the company that owns the campervans (like Cheapa Campa) will effectively charge “recommended retail price” where as the reselling company (Real Value) might not mark the price up all the way to “recommended retail price”, just like a liquor store sells a wine for less than you buy it for at the cellar door.

As a site the encourages you to get 4wd camper hire and really do some exciting things whilst in this part of the world, it is a reality that we must admit you can still get to the most popular places with 2wd campervan hire Darwin – that is the reason this topic is not being ignored. However, you must also understand that with sealed roads and easy access comes crowds and tour buses. If you are looking to truly escape those crowds and spend some time alone in this huge land, or you just want to get the heart thumping by trying to go down a track that shakes you like you’ve never been shaken, or you just want to see things that almost no-one sees, then you are still better off in a 4wd camper. Years from now you won’t remember how much money you spent on the journey, just the memories and photos you took of places hardly anyone else ever gets to – but you did!

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