4wd Campervan Hire Darwin – The Basics

4wd campervan hire darwin

Gateway to the outback

Darwin is the gateway to the best of the Australian outback. Whether you are going to the rugged beauty of Kakadu or Litchfield National Parks, heading south to Uluru and Kings Canyon or whether you are heading of to other states like Western Australia or Queensland it is the best place to start your adventure. Whilst many of the wondrous outback attractions can be reached in a 2wd camper, there is no escaping the fact, that if you want to escape the crowds and really see the outback, you are going to need 4wd campervan hire, Darwin.

4wd campervan hire darwinYou may have gathered from a short headline on the home page of this site that there are LOTS of roads in the Northern Territory that are not sealed (about 19,000km). The latest Terms and Conditions for most campervan hire companies list that a 2wd camper cannot go on an unsealed road for further than 12km. Why 12km is anyones guess, but it is only in the T&C to facilitate the 2wd renters ability to get to a camping site. Many camping sites in Australia don’t have sealed roads to arrive by so they had to put this clause in. However, most of the good roads that get you to the awesome attractions in Australia’s National Parks also aren’t sealed. So, you can either NOT GO to many of these attractions in a 2wd, or, go and risk a breakdown or getting stuck and voiding your insurance which means you are paying all costs, or, go for 4wd campervan hire. Darwin has a myriad of campervan hire companies that can help you out in this regard (the best of which are represented in the booking engine of this site).

4wd Campervan Hire Darwin

Camper rental from Darwin is pretty straight forward as it is not a large city by world standards. With a population of only 127,5332 (Australian Bureau of Statistics) it constitutes half of the Northern Territory’s population. Many of the best campervan hire companies share depot space so when you are given your address to pick your campervan up from, chances are that you will see campervans from other companies at the same depot.
The busiest campervan hire companies in Darwin are Britz, Apollo and Mighty campervans, however there are at least 11 companies that supply campervan rentals from Darwin.

It is common place for people to do one-way rentals from Darwin. Whilst there are many things to see in the area and then return to Darwin to take a train or flight out, many adventurous people like to do long haul trips that head along the Gibb River Road in Western Australia, the Savannah Way to Cairns in Queensland or head south to Adelaide with stops at Alice Springs, Uluru, Kings Canyon and Coober Pedy. It is also pretty common to drop the campervan back at Alice Springs rather than Darwin. Be aware that nearly all campervan hire companies in Darwin will charge a one way fee if you are dropping your campervan at a different city from where you picked it up. It can be as much as $300, so factor this in to your budget at the time of planning. You can use the booking engine on the home page to get some great price comparisons on 4wd campervan hire Darwin.

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