5 Top Things To See in a Darwin 4wd Camper

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory of Australia and the best place in the state to hire yourself a 4wd camper. The Northern territory is often referred to as the last frontier. To properly enjoy this vast area that is filled with attractions it is important to hire a 4wd campervan so you can go where you please.

The best 4wd camper hire company is Britz. It has a wealth of experience in this trade and has eleven branches located throughout the country with one in Darwin, a testament of its commitment to making your journey as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

Britz campers hire company offers a variety of 4 wheel campers to suit your travel needs. The company will even organize a 7 day itinerary of the northern frontier for you if you are new to the region and not conversant with the top attractions to sample. Below are some of the top attractions in and around Darwin.

Litchfield National Park
This is one of the top attractions for campervan holidays. The variety of nature at this park allows you to visit forests, swamps, desserts and a mountain. All these can be sampled in a 4wd campervan in a couple of days. Check out these places as you sample the wildlife around the park.

The Tabletop Waterfalls are its top attraction with four of its largest flowing down rocky edges of the ranges. The pools at the bottom are ideal spots for swimmers. You can also visit cave bats at Tolmer falls while enjoying a spectacular view of the trees and swampy areas below it. You can comfortably set camp at Wangi falls which is the most popular where essential services like toilets, hot showers and a kiosk can be found.

Don’t forget to visit Florence falls for its walks around the forest, the picnic sites and walks around the banks of the creek. Visit also the Tjaynera falls for its natural scenery. Other must see attractions in the park are the Buleys rockhole which is composed of waterfalls, pools and rapids, the magnetic termite mounds and the lost city’s geological rock formations that resemble ruins of an ancient civilization.

Kakadu National Park
This is the largest national park in the country with plenty of campervan parking spots. The South alligator river at the park is popular for its wildlife. Spotting a crocodile is easy and as the day comes to an end, you can enjoy the magical sunset from a viewing platform.

There are numerous species of flora with water lilies on most river banks. The number of birds found here is astonishing with 30 percent of the country’s bird population on site. Other attractions include the Aboriginal art sites, waterfalls and gorges.

Timber Creek Town
This is a popular stop point for your campervan and is located around 600 kilometers from Darwin. It is home to the Gregory National Park which is ideal for its flora and fauna and the Victoria River which runs through the scenic gorges and valleys of the territory.

It is a famous spot for fishing and boat riding and on its bank is the Big Horse creek campground where you can set camp for the night. This is the ideal spot because you can find toilets and solar powered lighting equipment.

Kanunurra Town
This is about 800km kilometers from Darwin and is popular for its natural attractions. It is home to the Discovery holiday park on the shores of Lake Kanunurra. It is famous for its canoe rides, fishing and leisure cruises. The park offers barbecue and swimming pools which offer relaxing opportunities after a long drive. This is the ideal spot to park your 4wd camper hire and a great fuel stop if you doing the Gibb River Road.

Visit the Kelly’s knob lookout at sunset and enjoy the spectacular views of the Kimberly Township. Don’t forget to visit the Lake Argyle which is popular for its crocodile watching and bat rides.


The El Questro station
This is one area of rugged terrain that will put a test to your driving skills in the Kimberly region. It is only about 850 kilometers from Darwin and is home to the El Questro Wilderness Park. This is a tremendous one million acres of pure land waiting for your discovery. It is filled with lush forest, rough ranges and scenic waterfalls. This is where you park your 4wd camper for the night.

The Cockburn range in the Kimberly region is magnificent as it is filled with rugged cliffs that offer scenic views all around. These cliffs are fortress shaped with valleys and rock pools all making the experience a magical one.

There are so many more places to visit around Darwin and the top end of Australia but remember that 52% of the public roads in the Northern Territory are dirt roads and there are even more private roads and properties that you will want to visit. In order to go on these dirt roads and really experience the top end you MUST have a 4wd, so take a little comfort with you on these hard roads and go with 4wd camper hire from Darwin.

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