Britz 4wd Campervan Rental Discount for Summer

4wd campervan rental BritzI have just noticed this offer from Britz for 4wd campervan rental available for booking from now until 15th November – travel available up until Jan 15 2014. That’s the middle of peak season so i can’t believe there is any offer at all being made by Britz.

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Britz are known as the one of the most reliable 4wd campervan hire companies as they have used the rock solid Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier as the base model. This vehicle can get you anywhere you are wanting to visit and a few places you probably wish you hadn’t. (They’re the places that give you the best stories).

Whilst they are being a bit cagey about what the extent of the discount is, there is no harm in going through the motions of doing the booking to find out what the discount will be. The Promo Code to use is OFFROAD. The surprising thing is that are willing to put a discount out in to the market at all at this time of year. Summer in Australia (Dec-Feb) is the busiest time of the year, most 4wd camper rental is already fully booked. In fact by the time it got to the end of Sept this year (as with most years) 60% of booking applications through the collective (for which this site is one) were no longer able to get the exact vehicle they wanted for the dates they wanted over summer. In this case, travellers had to select from a number of choices sent to the as alternatives. This is pretty consistent every year, so if you are considering campervan rental I suggest you get on with the booking very soon.

Britz 4wd Campervan Rental

A bit of background on Britz. They are the largest campervan hire company in Australia and have more vehicles and more depots than any other competitor. They have both 2wd and 4wd campervan rental available nationally and the parent company, THL, also owns the brands Mighty, Kea and Maui in Australia. In New Zealand they have the same brands as well as United and Alpha rentals. Also in New Zealand, they have branched out in to running “experiences” like caving and white water rafting. THL is listed on the New Zealand stock exchange.

Pushing the technical aside, the sheer mass of vehicles and placement of the depots means that the 4wd campervan rental enthusiast can nearly always get what they are after. In their range they have a high-top for 3 passenger, a pop-top for 3 passengers and a 5 passenger model that relies on tent camping (tent provided). A high proportion of the 4wd vehicles are available in the outback locations like Darwin, Alice Springs, Broome and Cairns as they are more popular up there. If you are looking for 4wd campervan hire it is best if you can pick up from those locations, but with enough notice you will be able to pick up from anywhere.

As a rule, Britz only operate their vehicles for 2 years, so you are definitely looking at reliable vehicles. After 2 years they pass the campers off to some of the other brands in the family, in particular Mighty campers which rent the campervans out cheaper as they are now in the 2nd stage of their life. The 4wd campervans, however do NOT go to Mighty and are sometimes run longer than the 2 years. This would primarily be because of the sturdiness of the Toyota Landcruiser that it is based on. Talk to any Landcruiser fans and they will tell you that it takes 200,000km just to really break it in and that you only start to need to worry about it after about 800,000km. That’s a lot of travelling!

If you are looking for feedback on what peoples experiences have been with Britz, you can check out the page here

Anyway, if you are looking for 4wd campervan hire over this summer, check out the current discount offer and see if you can make some savings.


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