Tips for Finding a Campervan Hire in Darwin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’re searching for a campervan hire in Darwin, then chances are you are looking for a little more adventure on you’re next trip than most people. Darwin is the gateway to the Australian outback and so if you are thinking of hiring a campervan from there, it is more than likely you are hoping to see some things not everyone gets to see. But to truly get off the beaten track once you get outside of Darwin, you really are going to need a 4wd.

Less to See in a 2WD

52% of roads in the Northern Territory are unsealed roads. You will find that the terms and conditions of pretty much all the 2wd campervan hire companies will say that you are not allowed drive on unsealed roads for more than a couple of hundred meters to get to a camping site. You can easily ignore this, of course, and try and head off the bitumen and down some dirt tracks but if you get into trouble down those roads and damage the vehicle in any way, you will lose all your bond, and also be charged for all repairs to the vehicle as you are in breach of contract. So, the lesson here is that if you want to go on any road you desire in the Territory, you really need a 4wd campervan in Darwin.

Campervan Hire Darwin - 4wd track

Only a 4wd can go on this adventure

campervan hire darwin -ex britz 4wd campervan

Britz hi-top. Now privately owned

The Good and the Bad

Ok, so if we are going to look at the reasons to hire a 4wd campervan from Darwin, then let’s examine “the carrot and the stick” concept. The fact that a 2wd campervan hire company will hammer you financially if you damage their vehicle off the bitumen is the stick. And here is the really big carrot. 4wd-ing is awesome fun. If you’ve never done it before you will be amazed at just how much of a buzz it is. The reality is that we spend nearly all our time on the plain, sealed roads. When you get in to the bush, there is so much opportunity to just let lose and do something different. The buzz that comes from being on the road less traveled can only be understood by those that have experienced it. I have taken our 4wd campervan up roads, down gully’s and along tracks that I just didn’t think we would get through. The strangeness of not knowing if you are going to have to turn back is what really ads to the excitement. But the reality is that a good 4wd campervan is designed to go on these tracks. Attached are some photos of tracks I’ve been on and places I’ve been in our hi-top landcruiser 4wd campervan. I’m lucky enough to own mine, but it is an ex-rental, so you too can have the exact same model when you go for 4wd campervan hire Darwin.

There’s been many times that I have been surprised at just how robust the 4wd campervan is. I am not suggesting driving down (or up) cliff faces, at least not without proper training, but you will be pleasantly surprised and just what kind of roads these campers can get along. If you are used to just driving a sedan or a city based All Wheel Drive, then you are going to be treated to an excitement-fest you can’t experience any other way.

4wd campervan hire darwin - road to adventure

no 2wd campervans allowed

Where You Can Go

Campervan hire Darwin is a popular way to visit attractions around the Northern Territory. The NT offers world-wonders like Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park in the north and the awe inspiring Uluru, Kata-Tjuta and Kings Canyon in the south. Basic entry to these areas can be gained via 2wd campervan hire Darwin, however to really see these places and so much more, you should seriously consider 4wd camper hire so that you can go on theĀ  48% of roads the others can’t get down. If you don’t, you will come to a time when you look forlornly down a dirt road in a 2wd camper and just wish you knew you could go down it in safety and without risking all your money. Seriously consider a 4wd when planning campervan hire Darwin.

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