Spaceships Wins Best Campervan Hire Golden Backpack Award 2013

Basic campervan hireSpaceships campervan hire company has taken out the TNT Magazine 2013 Golden Backpack award for best campervan/car rental company.

TNT Magazine is a travellers and backpackers magazine that has its roots in the UK but also runs TNT Magazine Down Under. During a 9 week online campaign they get their readers to vote for their favorite backpacker and traveller serves including hotels, tours and car & campervan hire companies. This year they had close to 94,00 votes from around 23,000 individual voters, guaranteeing that there is a broad range of opinions.

State Awards

Awards for best hostel and best tour activity are given out on a state by state basis and others are given a national award.
For the Nothern Territory this year the “Best Hostel” finalists: Toddy’s Backpackers, Annie’s Place, Melalueca on Mitchell, YHA Darwin Haven Resort
– with the WINNER being Toddy’s Backpackers in Alice Springs

“Best Tour/Activity” finalists: Wayoutback, The Rock Tour, Mulga’s, Groovy Grape Adventure Tours.
– with the WINNER being The Rock Tour at (you guessed it) Uluru – the worlds largest rock.

Winner Best Campervan Hire Company – Spaceship Rentals

That brings us to the national awards and of course the winner of best campervan hire company – Spaceships

Let me start by saying that Spaceships does not do 4wd campervan hire. This is sad but true. What they DO rent is a different style of campervan that is based on the Toyota Estima and Previa that are people carriers. These are basically cars with some campervan amenities built-in. There is a fridge and a bed which are the 2 most important things however the house-battery life on their older model cars is only about 4-6 hours – this kind of sux for your fridge that would have drained the battery overnight. I’m sure your stuff will still be cold but i hope you don’t want to charge your electric toothbrush in the morning.

basic campervan rental


Cooking will be done outside as there is no room for kitchen space inside the camper but the “deluxe” model comes with an awning giving better protection against the elements. If you are in need of campervan hire that has internal cooking you are going to have to go for something more up market and unfortunately there are not 4wd campervan rentals that have you cooking inside either.

The Younger Crowd

Spaceships will mainly appeal to the younger crowd (I saw 6 Dutch backpackers jammed into one of these once) and they are looking less for the leg-room and comfort than they are gadgets and price. That being said Spaceships Rentals are generally one of the cheaper campervan hire companies. Starting at $25pd (in the off-season) you can get a lot for your money. There is the aforementioned fridge, iPod connectivity (strangely rare in the modern-day) and DVD player with 20″ screen (means you watch a DVD and don’t go and spend money at the pub), 40 liters of water, gas cooker, duvet, bed and a bunch more or jammed into a campervan that is quite comfortable during the day whilst travelling. If you get the model with the awning you will also have some relief from the sun when you pull up for the night.

The Service

But probably the best thing about this campervan hire company is the service. You can judge a company by the amount of complaints you see in forums. People who are happy rarely say anything. People who are unhappy take revenge by posting as many negative comments about a company as they can. You can see from this review of Spaceships Rentals that there are few that are unhappy with their campervan and the service at Spaceships Rentals.

And the best thing of all is that there is a depot in Darwin. So if you are looking at heading to the top end, you can look into to picking up or dropping off your Spaceships campervan hire at the Darwin depot.They also have depots in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne and Perth. But remember, they DON’T have 4wd campervan hire so you are still going to be missing out on some of the best places in the Northern Territory.

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